Here’s what’s happening at the library!

     If you didn’t get to see the Peterson Brothers at the Opera House last Sunday, you missed out on a nice afternoon’s entertainment.  They didn’t claim to be professional singers and dancers and the few little glitches in their routine added a little boyish humor to the act.  They did display a real passion for agriculture and the rural life.  The library received a poster from them exclaiming “Farming Grows Readers”.  Check it out.
     Speaking of autographs, two books out of several are now on the shelves and are signed by their authors. One, a cowboy poetry book, and another from a Kansas author taking life one “cow pie” at a time.  Check them out.
     The apple themed glass display case will be replaced by the Fall season subject this week as Autumn arrives on the 22nd.  Inside and on top of the case are many fall related books and movies. The apples were all made and now displayed in the library window.  How about crafting an autumn leaf?  They are there to be checked out.
     Did you ever have so much you needed or wanted to do that………nothing gets done?  Spring cleaning is done in the Fall at the Pralle house.  My way of thinking is I want the house clean after the months of opened windows and screen doors. By the time that cooler fall weather and cold winter weather comes and I lock up those windows and screen doors, I want to be enjoying days of binge movie watching and good book reading in a near spotless house. I said near spotless.
     The library continues to receive donated books and movies, as well as several more “found”  ones, and I’m getting brave enough to buy new books and movies.  Come in and check them out.
     Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?
     To make up for his miserable summer.
And, a little food for thought.
     If money really did grow on trees, Fall would be everyone’s favorite month!
Happy Reading!

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