Here’s what’s happening at the library!

Here’s what’s happening at the library!
     Attending or spectating the Homecoming parade a couple of weeks ago brought back a lot of memories from the Westmoreland High days, especially seeing the different decades represented on their designated floats.  It also brought to mind many “fads” that were forgotten about and thankfully so after seeing Principal Green’s outfit!  You tend to put some of those once “groovy” things out of your mind.
     Saying that, it’s also fun to relive a few of those crazes.  Many new books, movies, even fashions have made a “come back”, with a few added tweaks.
Movies like True Grit from 1969, 101 Dalmatians from 1961, or Red Dawn from 1984. Books like Cinder from the Cinderella fairy tale, Dorothy Must Die from the Wizard of OZ series, or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies from, yes, the Pride and Prejudice classic. Colorful hair, fanny packs, flannel shirts, and even overalls have made their way back.
     Many people are worried about books being a thing of the past, and with iPads, e-readers, downloadable books, and books online, you can see their concern.  As I have been in this library business for almost 4 months now, I really don’t see that happening.  People enjoy the convenience and status of their tech-no books, but still come back to the feel of that physical book and its pages in their hands. There are no battery or connection worries either.
     We have some Die Hard readers here in Waterville (that from the 1988 movie and the 1979 book, Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp).  The proof comes when 358 patrons have used this library in the month of September.
     Books on the way out?  I don’t think so.  Come in and see the Fall themed books, craft a leaf, and help contribute to the Book Comeback Revolution!
Check out these groovy titles: Downpour by Wayne Dwops, House Construction by Bill Jerome Holme, or a soon to be classic, Come On In by Doris Open.
Happy Reading!

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