Here’s what’s happening at the library!

I love Saturdays, but Saturdays are taking on a whole different look for me nowadays.
     I was told one day a few weeks ago that a tour group was coming through Waterville (and I admit to not listening to what day they would show up).  I was told that about 20 people would be walking around in the morning and the other 20 in the afternoon.  It really didn’t matter to me because Sunday and Monday, we’re closed, Tuesday 10-1, 2-6, Wednesday 1-6, Thursday 5-8, Friday 1-6, and Saturday 9-1 and my attendance record has been nearly flawless. (There’s the schedule again if you’ve forgotten.)
     Back to the tourists, I was pretty excited when I arrived at the library ready to face the day and saw small groups wandering around town. I quickly crammed some reading of the library’s history in my head like a college kid before a final.  I ran off the library pamphlet I had found(one side was printed upside down in my rush) and was fairly confident in being able to answer any routine tourist’s questions that might be asked.
I’ve become very proud of representing this library and was ready to show it off. I waited for those 20 something tourists.  I waited some more. Not one had stopped in.  Maybe the next tour bus, huh?
     Saturday.  When the board had made out the new schedule for the library and announced that 9 to 1 time on Saturdays, I admit, I did not grab onto the idea with a lot of enthusiasm.  Nine Saturdays have come and gone and I should have kept a journal on the people I have met and the “happenings” in the library on those Saturdays.
     It will be be my 4 month anniversary here on Saturday, the 8th.  I’ve grown to love them.  It used to be that with teaching all week, Saturdays couldn’t get here soon enough.  Now it’s for a different reason.
     I had a couple of patrons come in last Saturday, look at the books, and say, “I don’t like this!”
     Uh-oh, what did I do now?
     They said, “Too many choices!”
     What a great problem to have!
When you need to make a hard decision, flip a coin.  Why?  Because when that coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you’re hoping for.
Happy Reading!

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