Here’s what’s happening at the library!

I’ve said it before, since writing these articles for the library, and I’ll say it again.  I am so proud of readers! But let us focus on our male readers this week.  This library has a few brave men that walk through those library doors and exit with chosen reading materials.  Others send wives or significant others to do the choosing-no matter.
     It was “worth a Google” to find the following fun facts about our male bookworms out there, but females and everyone of all ages take heed.
     These facts are in no particular order of importance, but as interest grew reading each fact, they were jotted down.
     Fact 1 – The more he reads, the more he listens. (Wouldn’t we like to see that developed in everyone!)
     Fact 2 – He finds out that the book is always better than the movie. Duh! (Remind me to get out the book/movie combos and we’ll see.)
     Fact 3 – Male readers are adventurers.  All of his senses are heightened when engrossed in a book.  Reading uses the same regions of the brain as when people  use their senses on an actual adventure.  A patron came in after reading a book to the end and said, “I just didn’t like how that book made me feel.”
     Fact 4 – Gift giving for the male reader is a lot easier. Buy him a book!
     Fact 5 – Studies have shown that reading or staying mentally stimulated can slow or even prevent Alzheimer’s or Dementia.  It improves the memory and who wants to lose those precious thoughts.
     Fact 6 – Reading can reduce his stresses and provide an inner peace.  We lead such busy lives – Keep Calm and Read On.
     Fact 7 – He develops knowledge and his vocabulary expands. (Chatting with those “higher-ups” becomes a self-esteem booster.)
     Fact 8 – He can develop writing skills. (What woman wouldn’t love to get a handwritten love letter from their “well read” significant other?)
     Finally, he realizes it’s free entertainment. Come on in to the library, choose a book, make your own couple’s book club, and talk.
A lady was heard in the library happily saying, “He asked me out in the nonfiction section of the library…… I know he’ll be true!”
Happy Reading, fellas!

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