Here’s what’s happening at the library!

I was wondering the other day, as I was putting some of the new “older” books on the shelves, if a person’s reading tastes change very much as they go through life.  I think I already know the logical answer, but would like to hear from you, as readers out there.
     My tastes have been forcefully changed over the years. Mother Goose and all of the Little Golden Books were favorite reads with my Grandma Nanny when I was very young.  Flush Grade School introduced me to Tip and Mitten, Jack and Janet, and my first hard cover basal reader with stories like “The Lost Kitten” and “The Little Calf Who Cried”.
     Westmoreland High School reading is all a blur except for the “short stories” that were strongly suggested we read and I grew to appreciate.
     Cloud County Community College and Kansas State University required that we read the assigned course reading – ho, hum.
     Then came my chance to read and have my students read stories that were fun, whimsical, and used such descriptive language that you didn’t need pictures.  For 32 years, these picture books, juvenile fiction, and young adult fiction books have been a big part of my life and I have loved every one of them to read aloud or have as class discussion.
     I told the library board that my reading tastes have to grow up to fit my job here…nah.  Everyone that comes into this library has their “go to” section or author that they enjoy, are happy and comfortable with. Don’t I get that same choice?
     I don’t know how this idea with go over, like some of my other well intended ideas go, but I would really like patrons young and old to write a mini book review of their book to be put into the Telegraph.  I’ll have the paper format here.
    Remember the Halloween party at the library on Saturday the 29th from 11-12 for Kindergarten through 2nd grade.
     Also, if you are in the neigh-BOO-hood of the library on Halloween, stop by and get a ghost that was made by our library patrons.
     Fun Fact:  Do you know the library is the tallest building in Waterville?  It has the most stories!
Happy Ghastly Reading!

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