Here’s what’s happening at the library!

Where does the time go? Some things you don’t mind the quick hands of the clock – elections, dentist visits, harvest time.  Dismantling the “book ghost” window display for a “book turkey”?  Too fast!
     Late summer Halloween exhibits went up in local stores ridiculously early.  Halloween, now, has come and gone and before it left, those displays were pushed aside for the Christmas array.  There is a hint of Thanksgiving mixed in the tinsel and lights, but very little.
     And what about Veterans Day, November 11? The glass library case is dedicated to our veterans with books and a few movies pulled from our shelves for the military display.
     Where does the time go?  By the time you read this, we will have gained one hour of sleep, but also, one hour of darkness coming quickly after getting home from school or work.  We will have elected a new President. No comment. And your 2 week book  or  1 week movie loan will have passed with a 10 cent per day fine attached.
     There are no patron book reviews due to the lack of time between reading their selection, writing their review, and returning the written review back to the library.
     I, personally, have no reviews to fill that space, but the veteran genre of books available from this library are aplenty.  Author Brad Taylor has written Ghosts of War and The Forgotten Soldier.  Laura Kaye has steamy, purely fictional books.  Other intriguing titles include, War Hawk, Trust No One, or Among Heroes.  More sentimental titles?  How about Home to Seaview Key, Hearts Made Whole, The Pieces We Keep, or Everyone Brave is Forgiven.
     Come on in!  You have time before the “book turkey” becomes a Christmas……..
     Last time I got caught stealing a calendar, I got 12 months!
     Take time to relax, especially when you don’t have time for it!
Happy Reading!

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