Here’s what’s happening at the library!

The library hours are Tuesday 10-1, 2-6, Wednesday 1-6, Thursday 5-8, Friday 1-6, Saturday 9-1, closed Sunday and Monday. (See how those hours got slipped in there again?)
     Being closed on Monday and open late on Thursday allows me to substitute in the nearby schools.  I always start my substituting day by asking a “nosy” question of the class.  I made a silly mistake of asking a 6th grade class about the recent Presidential candidates. I did get their opinions!
     To calm things back down, I then asked them about favorite times and places to read.  Out of the 13 sixth graders, most preferred afternoon to evening reading times with one not having a preference at all, and the other, ONLY during school.
     The places they chose to read varied a lot from reading in bed, to Alcove Spring, on the trampoline, just out of the shower, their room or a quiet room, on a back-road after a bike ride, in a rocking chair, only in school, or Florida. Interesting.
     I recently attended a library workshop in Manhattan and found THERE ARE NO EXCUSES for not reading, except for the one 6th grader that said she “just don’t like to read”. I told her, “It will come.”
     Along with this library’s huge selection of Large Print books, which makes the stress on the eyes less for younger and old alike, we have a nice selection of Audio Books and many more titles available through ILL (InterLibrary Loan) for your listening pleasure.
     I also learned about the Talking Books Library Services available through the State Library of Kansas.  Through this service thousands of titles are possible or can be requested to listen to.  Braille editions are also attainable.  Check out or
     Don’t let eyesight, hearing, or any other physical impairments keep you from enjoying the world through books.
     A man named Kyle Lippert was quoted as saying, “Sure reading a book under a tree is peaceful, but imagine how stressful it is for the tree to see a bunch of its dead friends in your hand!”
 Happy Reading!

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