Here’s what’s happening at the library!

Dear Waterville family,
     I hope this Christmas letter finds you happy and healthy.
     2016 has been good to the Waterville Library.  This year seems a blur before June 8, but after that the “happenings in the library” are very clear.
     The library got a new librarian in June and she seems to be working out just fine.  She enjoys the 300 plus patrons that visit each month in the 20 or so days that it is open. Forrest Gump once said, “The ‘ library’ is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re going to get.”
     The library started new hours in July.  They seem to be working for most patrons.  Weekly articles were started in the Telegraph, regular posts on Facebook, and articles on the Library website tell of the “happenings in the library”.  The new lingo is difficult, but work will continue on social media skills.
     School began in August and the few students that were “regulars” are now seldom seen.  About 68% of the 300 plus visitors to the library each month are adults.
     September brought the library into more of a school routine.  Children in school….adults to the library.  An apple craft table was a big hit.
     In October, 28 little goblins came to the library on Halloween.  The library was not open on that spooky Monday, but Trick or Treaters seemed to smell the crafted ghostly treats that were being handed out.
     November focused mostly on Veteran’s Day for reading picks, although turkeys were made at the craft table with thankful notes written on each.
     It was “beginning to look a lot like Christmas” when the new books that were ordered arrived. Forty holiday titles are available, not to mention holiday magazines and movies.
     The library is looking forward to a wonderful 2017 and hopes that a good healthy dose of reading each day will be one of the resolutions for Waterville citizens.
     My goal for 2017 is to accomplish the goals of 2016 which I should have done in 2015 because I promised them in 2014 and planned them in 2013.
                                                             Season’s Readings
                                                             The Waterville Public Library

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