Here’s what’s happening at the library!

The library window was decorated for Grandparent’s Day and over 40 memories were written on the activity table. Did you make a memory for this year’s Grandparent’s Day?
     Like books, there was absolutely no thought of throwing the comment paper out, so it was decided that patrons of the library would write this week’s article by reliving all those mini-memories and writing about those fond recollections of their times with grandparents.  Here are half of them with more to follow next week:
“Bingo with Grandma Roepke.”
“My Grandparents paid me $50 to get his chew!-Cory
“Traveled and went everywhere with my grandparents.” – C. Argo
“She is nice and fun.” -Alex
“Grandma always had the best cookies and a lot of flowers.” -Donna
“Grandpa and Grandma always give me the right thing.” -Emily
“When we celebrate Grandpa and my birthday.” -Tessa
“They all make awesome food.” -Alexis
“Grandma King ran the post office and general store in Fostoria.”
“Nanny let me have a fashion show with all her shoes.”
“I remember my grandma pickled watermelon rinds into the best pickles in the world, and my grandparents had a fancy WPA outhouse.” -NN
“My grandma makes the best homemade ice cream.” -Ciarra
“Grandma Strader (Anna), I miss the talks…I still have so many questions to ask.”
“Grandma Pralle gives the best advice and would let me win at Go Fish.”
“Bang made the best canned Campbells Chicken Noodle soup.”
“Grandma had the same color hair as me, and I remember both on the farm and playing baseball at Frankfort Cemetery.” -Sharon T-King
“Grandpa Morris played donkey baseball at Frankfort.”
“Granny taught me how to quilt.” -S. McIntyre
“Grandma makes the best banana bread.”
“My grandfather was a little forgetful, but he liked to give me advice; one day he took me aside and left me there.” -unknown
Happy Memoir Reading!

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