Here’s what’s happening at the library!

Do you get emotionally involved with the characters in a book?  Do the authors write so well and use such descriptive language within that book that you are pulled into the story hook, line, and sinker?  Come on, admit it!
     I was in The Shack and felt the loss of that kidnapped little girl.
     I was out in the Wild hiking along that Pacific Crest Trail.
     I was sitting on that park bench with that grandparent thinking And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer.
     Reading can be exhausting!
     A patron came into the library wanting to Inner Library Loan a book for her fifth grade daughter.  She stated that she was pleasantly surprised and excited at the quality of books available for students.  This also gave this young mom, an avid reader herself, a chance to discuss tween topics in the book with her daughter.  What better way to connect with a child or any age group than through a book?
     Did you “connect” with last week’s grandparent memories?  Do these memories take you back to a time with your grandparents?
“Grandma was the tester for making knip.” -K. Richter
“There’s no place like home.” -Bryson
“Grandma Red loved my brake checks.”
“Grandma Argo-good cook, Grandpa Argo-good hunter.”
“I miss you, Grandma Hora, I love you. You made the best cookies.”
“Grandma Umscheid makes the best no-bakes.”
“Grandpa Jim helped me with my homework.”
“When Grandma made Barbie clothes and colored with the wrong color.” -Libby
“My Grandma made the best cookies.”
“I love you Grandma.” -Royce
“Grandpa Umscheid loved his puppy chow and occasionally shared.”
“My Grandma makes the best green bean casserole.” -MH
“My grandparents always had me over Monday nights for wrestling.” -Crystal
“We love singing with Grandpa John, and we miss Grandma Annie and Grandpa Michael.” -Hadley and Harper
“Grandpa Umscheid gave me a ceramic pig cookie jar for taking care of runt pigs.”
“Grandpa Bill, every time he saw me, he started singing, K-K-Katie.”
“Grandma Joyce is the best babysitter ever.”
“We love going to Pizza Hut with Grandpa Brant.”
Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Tank who?
Tank you for sharing your grandparent memories.
Happy Reading!

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