Here’s what’s happening at the library!

Have you ever driven by a place and wonder what it’s like inside? Whether the inside is as awesome as the outside? Oh, you know you have.
You can’t judge a book by its cover, nor can you judge this library by its sometimes “cornea” windows. This library, like many others like it, are not just for books anymore, for better or worse. Although, 19 new titles have been ordered for your reading pleasure.
Inside this little library, many small things are happening with big impacts on our community members. Computers are helping to find jobs, finish homework, or ordering parts. Paper/pencil activities are there for people of all ages to expand the mind, relax the body, and boost their creativity. Cards are there to be sent to people that need a little note from a stranger to let them know they are thought of. A few weeks ago 27 postcards with Thank You messages were sent to 3 of Waterville’s Vietnam veterans. These cards were there when the 3 veterans got to Washington D.C. and then read with “moist” eyes. We made an impact.
Patrons new and old are what is keeping these small, but important gestures of kindness going. There is a small element of surprise when they come into this library as to what’s new, and hopefully, they pay those small surprises forward by writing and sending a kind surprise to those that need it at home and…. make an impact.
This library is one of Waterville’s best kept secrets.
No, I am not going to advertise the goings on in here. That’s a lot of pressure to have to live up to with all that advertised hype!
Happy Reading, Viewing, Sending!

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