Here’s what’s happening at the library!

There was a big push to put the word Christ back in Christmas, using Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays, and realizing the real reason for the season.  Christmas is a month away. Let’s talk Thanksgiving.
     Two young boys came into the library wanting to play on the X-Box.  The game was not as exciting a game as they had at their house.  They asked politely if they could borrow a controller with a promise to return it before the library closed.  We “pinky swore” on the return. Part of me was hesitant to let go of a “non-checkoutable” item.  Another part of me gave these young men the benefit of the doubt – after all, we pinky-swore.
     Soon they were back with controller in hand.  I thanked them and they returned a thank you for even letting them borrow it.  Thanks for Giving.
     Same day.  Two slightly older boys.  I am in the back room talking to a patron.  Each had ran off a colored copy of importance to them.  They walked towards the back room with quarters in hand to pay for their pages instead of skipping out on the debt.  Thanks for Giving.
     A young woman, whom I trusted to bring back more than the allotted 4 movies per card limit, turned them into the drop box after many months for others to enjoy.  Thanks for Giving back.
     A shy, quiet man of the community came to say thank you to the library and patrons for the Halloween card he received.  He wanted to say…..Thanks for Giving.
     Thanksgiving cards were sent out to members of the community again.  It has been over a year since this jester began.  Patrons send cards and messages to community members with no hesitation to do so, knowing the individual or not.  Thanks for Giving.
     This time of year it is very difficult to order murder mysteries, crime novels, science fiction, but instead, titles of inspiration, family, friendship, and love.
     Don’t worry thriller readers, I said difficult, not impossible.  How about these special holiday titles?
     Fifty Shades of Gravy
     War and Peas
     Pie and Prejudice
     To Roast a Mockingbird
     Catcher in the Rye Bread
Happy Reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

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