Here’s what’s happening at the library!

There have always been places where forms of quiet or silence is a given, like church, a sleeping baby’s room, a hospital, or during the national anthem out of respect for the faithful, the very young, the sick, or our country.
     There are also those places where quiet is necessary for positive outcomes like a classroom, a quiet room for autistic individuals, or even at a Lighted Horse Parade (like in Barnes this past Saturday).  Too much noise can cause stress on certain people or animals.
     One more quiet space, of course, is the library.  Reading a book, getting on-line, or listening with earphones to an audiobook all require a certain amount of outside soundlessness.
     This need for quietude in our libraries have given librarians this stereotype of being unattractive with angry faces and a shush finger to their pursed lips.  So unfair, but I, too, have developed that librarian tick.  It is an occupational job hazard that I did not look into before accepting this position.
     A second grade student, not necessarily known for her quietness, asked if I could silence the kids just outside the library that were skateboarding on the sidewalk so she could concentrate on the computer.  Young people come in and are very mindful of the quiet rule.  Older patrons just know.
     Many people say they can multitask and can listen to music and read or search on line simultaneously.  Maybe they can.  As for me and this library, “Shh!”
     New books and movies have quietly made their way into the library.
     Mrs. Claus will be giving gift books to her story time listeners on Dec. 5.
     Many newly donated books have come into our “book sale” room.  Come early and often for the best selection to give as gifts or as a present to yourself.
     Newer edition magazines have also been donated and are free to those needing holiday ideas for health, travel, or decorating.
     Two men drove past a construction site and one said, “Rumor has it, it’s going to be a library….of course, it’s all been very hush, hush.”
     Happy reading

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