Here’s what’s happening at the library!

Has Elf on the Shelf made it to your house this first week of December?  Or will he appear closer to Christmas to watch your good doings……or the naughty ones?
     Elf on the Shelf is one of those simple Christmas ideas that started in 2005 with a book of the same name written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell.  The story?  A little elf is sent from the North Pole to watch the behavior of children.  At night, he would report his findings back to Santa and then return to the child’s house and sit with a different eye view to continue watching their conduct.
     The library had purchased the Elf on the Shelf book some years back, and hidden in the boxes of Christmas decorations was that 12 inch tall, red felt dressed elf.
     The book had been put on the children’s book shelf along with many other seasonal stories for Mrs. Claus’s storytime on Saturday.  The Elf made his position inside the book with arms over the cover to watch the listeners.
     Two school aged students came into the library and wondered if I had noticed Elf perched on the bookcase.  They both left the library quietly and respectfully.  Both said they were waiting on Elf’s arrival at their houses.  December brings a lot of pressure to behave without an Elf reporter to stir things up.
     The great niece and nephew found their Elf tangled in yarn decorations, hanging upside down amongst the cattle ear tag ornaments they had found in Daddy’s stash.  They had decorated the lower third of the tree for Mommy.  The Elf had to be pleased with their actions.
     Elf will have a warm and secure place to stay this month of December, no matter where he decides to lurk.  Be looking for him.
     Come on in and check out a Christmas selection to warm your hearts and get yourself into the spirit of the season.
     By the way, do you know what Elf’s favorite book is?  Stuart “Little”.  His favorite song is Blue Christmas by “Elfis”.  Elf will be here only a “short” time.  In the summer, Elf is a “short” order cook.  He’s got to make some Jingle Bills somehow!
     Season’s Readings!

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