Dear Waterville Library Family,

I hope this Christmas letter finds you all happy, healthy, and reading well.  We ask ours”elves” every year, “Where has the time gone?”  Our newly purchased books too quickly become historical fiction.
     The year has been busy with Nick, Clint, and Chuck updating the patron restroom.  They did a very nice job.  Clint also came back to install a Smart TV for the public viewing of BVTV billboard channels and computer programming to watch.  Both services have kept us informed of the goings on in surrounding towns.  Alex continues to keep the library clean and inviting.
      Throughout the year, patrons of the library graciously sent messages in birthday and holiday cards to 25 community members.  A few of those members came in to tell how much they appreciated the gesture. About 27 “hand” made cards were sent to Washington, D.C. for the veterans on the Kansas Honor Flight on Veterans Day.
     Thirty-three Preschoolers were read to once a month this past year.  In November, the 33 students and their teachers came to the library for Kansas Reads to Preschoolers month. Short activities within the book’s theme tested the 4 years olds on name writing, listening, and coloring/drawing skills.
     Speaking of November, the library had 436 patrons check out and return the many new titles of books and movies.  Those 436 visits were divided up by 158 different patrons.  The last 3 months have brought over 400 visitors into the library in the 17-19 open days.
     Facebook, the library website, and articles in the Telegraph and Free Press have kept the library “out there”.  Visitors from the Weaver Hotel are always surprised at this “gem” the town has.
     The library still tries to keep in force the “shush” factor for optimum reading, searching, and listening pleasure.
      Friends of the Library book sales continue to be an excellent source of gifts for yourself or Christmas stocking stuffers.
     A little boy sits on Santa’s lap and says “I want books, computers, and the ability to travel through time and space.”  “OK,” Santa replies, “Here’s a library card.”
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Gladys who?
Gladys Christmas, aren’t you?
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Irish who?
Irish you a Merry Christmas!
Seasons Readings!

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