Here’s what’s happening at the library!

What will the New Year bring?
     This past year brought increased checked out items with both movies as well as books.  The number of card holders increased.  An increased number of patrons coming into the library was seen.  The “passive” summer program went well.   New computers, new bathroom remodel, and numerous new titles in movies as well as books, helped bring patrons in.  Twenty-five community members were thought about monthly and on their birthdays.
     2018.  Think of the possibilities.  What will you try?  Maybe a new genre of books, a new author.  Maybe your interests lies in starting a new hobby. The library has books to help you on your way to that new pastime like cooking, painting, knitting, or crocheting.  Think of the possibilities!  Never miss the opportunity to exercise the mind.
     As was said in the last library article, repeat patrons become members of an extended family that you get to know and care about as in a church community, co-workers, or close neighbors.  You get to know what they are interested in and the chances that come to them.
     As for me, the chance to teach for the next five months was one I could not pass up.  The teacher bug got into my blood 34 years ago at a parochial school in Hanover, KS and for the next five months I will be back where I started 34 years ago.  I am excited to “go at it” again and take advantage of this given fortuity.
     What will the 2018 year bring?  Who knows?  But if given any happenstance of your liking, take it, because,
     Knock, knock.
     Who’s there?
     Don’t be silly-opportunity doesn’t knock twice!
So, don’t let those opportunities/resolutions go in one “year” and out the other!
Happy Reading in 2018!

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