Here’s What’s Happening at the Library

Good Saturday morning – I just wanted to remind everyone that the library offers several services that the community can take advantage of for either free or for a very low cost.  We have 6 computers that are available for use along with free WiFi.  We also offer making copies and sending faxes and a very reasonable price.  We have both the latest Marysville Advocate as well as the Telegraph.  Also, we offer complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  We just ask that while drinking them you stay in the sitting area where the Keurig is located.  Another thing we offer is magazines that you are either free to read here or check out and take home.  Lastly, in about a month or so for those who might need documents or papers notarized, I will soon have the capability to do so.  So come on down and hang out and keep in mind the library offers much more than just books to check out.

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