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While I know it is only the middle of March, summer will be here before we know it. It seems each year goes a little faster than the last year.
The reason for this post is to find out how many families with kids that might be interested in attending a once a week summer reading program? I’m thinking of having my 16 year old daughter come in once a week, day and time yet to be determined, to do a story time where she reads to the kids for 15-20 minutes. Each week would most likely be a different book. I’m not quite sure about what the age group would be, but as of right now, I was thinking maybe somewhere between 3-9 years of age.
As for the older kids/teens, I was thinking of doing some kind of trivia game once a week where they will try and answer trivia questions and at the end, the winning person or team would receive some kind of prize (most likely candy).
So, the next time you are in the library and think this might be of interest to you please let me know. I want to make sure I have enough interest to do either one of them or both of them.
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